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Drvenik - Perfect place for your dream vacation!

For all those who like a pleasant holiday and enjoy intact nature, the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, beautiful beaches and lush Mediterranean vegetation, Drvenik is certainly an ideal destination for a peaceful family holiday.


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Due to its geographical position the resort is an important traffic centre: the ferry port offers you an opportunity to visit the island of Hvar. In the summer time you can easily get to the island of Korčula.


Located among steep cliffs of Biokovo and the seaside, Drvenik is split into two parts: Gornja Vala and Donja Vala connected by 2 km long local road. Seaside promenade prolonges the walking area and connects Drvenik with closely located Zaostrog.


This locality was first mentioned in the 13th century. In the old village upon the mountain of Biokovo there are remains of a tower from the time of Turkish conquest, the grave and the legend about a young couple similar to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the gothic church of St.George from the 15th century.

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